Computer Assisted Designing Certificate Programme Advance

Create prototype designs using CAD software and create designs for manufacturing thru CAM 3D printer create designs for manufacturing thru CAM 3D printer

Understand manufacturing processes for the creation of jewellery

Design and develop CAD models using the metrics of scale, proportion, and element relationships; and within the constraints of cost, time, size, style and manufacturing methods

Apply Quality Assurance Benchmarks to jewellery designs to ensure proper engineering for manufacturing

Apply CAD engineering parameters to create jewellery that is built to last.

Develop digital and physical portfolios of class projects and custom designs that are ready for presentation to potential clients and employers, and display portfolio at the time of recruitment

– CAD Designer
– Jewellery Designer
– Team Leader
– CAM Operator
– Product Developer
– Quality Assurance Specialist
– CAD/CAM Service Bureau Technician
– Jeweller
– Entrepreneur
– Freelancer